Born Rankia USA for Spanish Speakers in United States

We are pleased to announce that we have launched Rankia USA ( It is the first financial web site for Spanish speakers in the United States and this consolidates Rankia as the first online financial community in the world for Spanish speakers. 

Rankia was launched in 2003 in Spain, being a community of reference for sharing financial knowledges with more than 160,000 registered users at the moment. In 2013, we started our internationalization in five countries of Latin America: Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Argentina. And now we continue to grow in the United States. 

Rankia Países


Since United States is the strongest financial country in the world, we had to be there!


What can you find in Rankia USA?

Rankia wants to make easier the decision - making processes of its users while investing, both Spanish and Latin-american people that want to go deeper in the american stock exchange market. Rankia also wants to help those who live in THE United States, speak Spanish and want to share their experiences. 

It is going to be very rewarding to know the views of people who live in the United States and can tell us first-hand and in real-time what happens in the stock exchange market of New York or Nasdaq. Moreover, we will be able to share information from other countries about the companies that trade in these markets.

On the other hand, we will analyze other products we can invest in, such as Mutual Funds, since we have access to the most important asset management companies around the world (we will publish mutual funds reports and outlooks). Furthermore, we could find information about other kind of products such as deposits, bank accounts, credit cards and insurances. 

What are Rankia USA's forums?

In Rankia USA we can find three different forums:

  • Banks Forum: where we can discuss about banks, deposits, credit cards, mortgages and more.
  • Stock exchange Forum: points of view, commentaries and analysis related to the American stock exchange market, securities and stock-exchange indexes. 
  • Mutual Funds Forum: commentaries about Mutual Funds, ETFs, asset management companies and their outlooks. 

Find out Rankia USA's bloggers

Rankia USA makes its debut with high quality bloggers, both local and resident people that are specialized in the American financial market. They are going to inform us about the last news related to Wall Street, local investments, real estate, best products to invest in and more. 

These are the bloggers who are experts in the American stock market and we would like to make a particular mention of them with this press release: 

  • Small is more: Ideas de inversión en small value, Big y un poco de todo. Autores: Tywin Lannister y Kcire369. 

If you are interested in participating in this new project and would like to share your knowledges about the stock exchange, banks, mutual funds, real estate, economy, breaking news... do not hesitate to contact us . It will be our pleasure to see you in our internet financial community.

¡Welcome to Rankia USA!

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