Steve Sjuggerud: This is Not What the Peak of a Bull Market Looks Like - Meb Faber Show – Ep.49

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  • 4:20 – His background.


  • 6:30 – How do you think about investing. “I look for 3 things in an investment: cheap, hated and in an uptrend.


  • 8:12 – How did you come around to this framework (Value and Momentum).


  • 10:44 – You’ve been one of the most consistently bullish people on US stocks for years. How the world looks today?


  • 11:58 – There are always a hundred reasons why you can sell or not buy…


  • 12:18 – The thesis that I had is that interest rate will stay lower and longer than you can imagine and that will drive asset prices higher than you can imagine… but we still haven’t reach the point where prices are truly higher than anyone can imagine… I’m still bullish.


  • 14:38 – Bull markets don’t die because of Valuation.


  • 15:12 – The audience didn’t care about the bull market, they wanted to hear why the stocks are going to crash or why XYZ is gonna do this…


  • 15:29 – The AAII Sentiment Survey has a low percentage of Bullish and high on Bearish. The net outflow over the past 4 weeks of equity mutual funds and ETFs was 21 billion dollars… This is not how the Peak of a Bull Market looks like, this is not euphoria.


  • 16:25 – You don’t choose assets in a vacuum. Everything is valued in relation to something else. You have to choose relative to other assets.

  • 18:15 – The best historical returns come from cheap and in uptrend, but the second best come from expensive and in uptrend.


  • 18:41 – What are your yellow flags to get out of stocks? We are a long way from it.


  • 21:27 – About the use of Commitment of Traders data (COT).


  • 23:52 – Investing in Treasuries using momentum.


  • 24:33 – What’s your thesis for investing on Housing?


  • 30:45 – On Foreign equities.


  • 33:36 – The bullish thesis on China.


  • 45:23 – KBA is a China ETF built not in what allocations are looking backwards but what they will be.


  • 50:53 – About Real assets and Commodities.


  • 53:00 – On Rare Coins and Gold.


  • 59:08 – About liquidity and illiquidity and their relations with yield in the collectibles' markets.


  • 1:02:30 – What has been your most memorable investment or trade (good or bad)?


  • 1:06:14 – What advice would you give based on your experience with your subscribers?


  • 1:08:35 – The most important lesson in investing is survival.


  • 1:09:35 – On the distribution of individual stocks returns.



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