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Farmas USA

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    Re: Farmas USA

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    Han bloqueado el aumento máximo de acciones que puede tener la compañía. Querían pasar de 400mill a 500mill, así que se quedan en 400mill. Pero margen para diluir aún tienen de sobra:

    The number of the registrant’s shares of common stock outstanding was 246,740,384 as of May 10, 2018.

  1. Seguidor

    Re: Farmas USA

    Diario HZNP, bueno pues parece que va haciendo lo previsto, la vela de ayer es casi una penetrante bajista o cubierta de nube oscura, aunque no lo cumple del todo por no haber abierto por encima del cierre de ayer, pero para el caso creo que el significado es parecido.

    Dejo un par de soportes en gráfico que veo y los retrocesos fibo.

  2. Xenkov

    Re: Farmas USA


    Downgrade de Jefferies, PT pasa de 9 a 2; y pasan de buy a hold.

    Pues oye, ya que las noticias buenas se la pelan a la cotización, igual esto es lo que necesitamos para que despegue. -7% de momento, apuesto a que acaba en verde.

  3. anaramos
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    Re: Farmas USA

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    Se preveen buenas ventas. El cambio de la fecha sin duda responde a que para ese día los números les cuadrarán. Iban un poco justos. Aquí tenéis las noticias de los rebeldes. He puesto negrita a lo importante.

    Proved Naysayers wrongs

    There's so many people who have shown so much hate against me and our group. But we have proven once again that a 13% group of the company is significant and can send a very strong message to the market. It's not just about our voting power, but how a group so big can influence others who are not part of the group to vote.

    • For example, without our votes the Board would have gotten approved with more than a 50% rating. Instead 60% voted against reelecting the directors. Having that in my favor helped make my case for 2 new directors to join the company and for some to step down. 
    • We blocked the increase in authorized shares from 400 to 500 million.
    • We blocked the increase in compensation as well.
    • We blocked the 3 year "say on pay" and instead it will be revised every year.

    Troy is really receptive and takes note on everything we say as a group

    What I wanted the most out of coming to New York is to be able to judge whether Gary Jacob and Troy have the same ideas. I wanted to be able to judge by his body language, reaction to questions, nervousness etc. whether Troy has what it takes to turn this company around. I wanted to see him under pressure.

    (I was for example an early believer in the turnaround in Valeant. I could see that Joseph Papa was a transparent, honest and hardworking CEO. And now the shares have reached their highest level in 2 years. It all starts with a competent CEO.)

    Today they confirmed that my email before the first quarter conference call was used as part of the base to prepare their opening remarks. And thanks to our size they are committed that going forward we will play a more constructive role with management.

    Troy is very agile, very sharp, knows his numbers and is a very good listener. A board refreshment is coming up next year and that should help speed up change at the company. 

    He looks particularly excited and there's a very different tone from him than from the previous conference call. He reiterated the strategic review continues and that many things will make more sense after the update.

    Cover My Meds

    This is something very relevant and something new that nobody knows yet. But CoverMyMeds is a prior authorization program that pushes Rxs through. Instead of a doctor having to spend time on the phone fighting for an approval - a third party company handles all the process - making doctors more likely to prescribe the medication.

    At the end of May, the company started working with CoverMyMeds and as a result we should start seeing significant wins in Rxs numbers in the months to come. Again, when Valeant faced a crisis with insurers due to price practices, insurance companies started blocking Rxs in retaliation. Valeant hired the same company to push through prescriptions and the results were significant.

    The $61 Million Dollar Question
    In regards to whether the company will be able to meet their sales goal they were very confident about it and  they referred to the Q2 conference call update. They said everything will become clear after then. Also they pointed to the insurance gains in July as a factor for a ramping up in the second half of the year. Many plans immediately or in the months to follow update their formularies proving a significant bump for the second half of the year. 

    The meeting with Troy

    The one on one meeting with Troy didn't happen. Their legal counsel pushed against having a meeting given that they are currently in the midst of several negotiations. Instead, me and a 5 other shareholders spent 1 hour back and forth pressing the Board and the management team. We got answers from the CFO, legal, Gary Jacob, Troy and several others. 

    In my opinion it ended up giving me more answers since the whole management team and board was there. It was a better way to convey our clear message to everyone involved with decision-making.

    Actions and results

    The phrase I liked the most about T roy and that he repeated over and over again is that he is results driven. He also mentioned that actions speak louder than words.


    I directed some questions at Gary Jacob and Troy would ask to answer first. He was in control during the whole meeting. His energy was contagious and it seems insurance negotiations are going our way for next year. Again, several formularies are updated before the end of the year and that will help bump scripts by the end of the year. Recently published data is probably one of the reason why the tone in Troy has changed.


    Counter to what most people would think. I asked Troy whether he continued to believe that the original strategy of the company was the correct one and without question he answered yes. He says that the company's bargaining leverage has gone up. In part thanks to the additional label and the recognition that it has with top prescribers. 

    I am still in disbelief our bargaining power has gone up but I am not the one negotiating with partners right now or looking at the numbers.

    Together we are stronger

    I know I got many people criticizing me for splitting the costs and I can't thank you enough for ignoring those complains and helping. You made this trip possible. It's an investment on our future and things are looking brighter after today. The only way for management to recoup their losses is to drive the price of their options up. No more free ATM.


    Facebook Group

    I have decided to open a private Facebook Group for those of you who wish to join and interact with each other. You can find it here.

    Take heart. The journey will be long, but our cause is just.

  4. framus_morrigan

    Re: Farmas USA

    Poniendome al dia de la sesion ... 

    ACAD estoy dentro 17.79 ...


    TGTX, en el punto de mira ... ya vere ...

    edito: in TGTX 13,5

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    Re: Farmas USA

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    Sabes eso que dicen que los triangulos para tenerlos en cosideración deberián romper antes de los 2/3 de la longitud del mismo?......

    Sea como fuese, para algún sitio tendrá que tirar.

    Bueno, la verdad es que no tengo claro la hora de la conferencia, si ha sido ya esto se ha inmutado poco.


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