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Si, en ese punto puede estarse unos dias.

Yo no tengo ni papa de AT ojo, junta lineas si acaso, pero si que voy guardando y arrastrando los graficos. En Teva llevo ojeando y entrando saliendo ira para el año. Corto, largo y cortilargo jajajaja.

Pero esta vez si que en diario la veo parecida al rally que tuvo en Dic, hasta el 12Enero(que a mi me dio una leccion acerca de tener calls vendidas "desnudas", sin las acciones..2k$..no me la olvido). Casi calcada.

Y la bajada que me sale es 22, quiza los 19 altos o 20..que dejo algun gap (por eso me he posicionado asi vendiendo y poniendo el primer paquete de vputs en 22$Sept)

Pero vamos, sin tener yo ni p..idea... A mi firma me remito jajajaja

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Artículo insulso, pero bullish que debería empujarla hoy

Acadia Pharmaceuticals: What Investors Can Expect From This Grower?

The market seemed to concern about the sales prospects of Nuplazid - which stemmed from the uncertainty of the mechanism of action of pimavanserin - and thus quoted the shares on a downtrend. Be that as it may, our analysis revealed that sales are increasing and are gaining more traction. And, we expect sales to ramp up significantly in the foreseeable future. This is due to the fact that Acadia’s pipeline is focusing on one molecule (pimavanserin) that is growing analogous to a tree forming new branches


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Yo la seguí algo en su momento. Comprueba lo siguiente antes de meterte mucho.

Esto es de un artículo de Mako de diciembre de 2016

ABEO science is demonstrably unviable with numerous irrefutable flaws that will lead to failure, with yet another single location NCH “trial” design.

Former ABEO insider and largest shareholder David Blech convicted of securities fraud. Since then, this “company” has seen more asset shuffling than a card table in Vegas.

Stock promoters responsible for numerous biotech wipeouts run this “company,” while ABEO temporarily trades near the highest market capitalization in its 20-year history, while going concern questions abound.

ABEO’s auditor Whitley Penn cited by PCAOB repeatedly for “audit deficiencies”. This is the same tiny auditor who oversaw the alleged UDF “Ponzi scheme” exposed by Kyle Bass.

Insiders have collected a shocking ~$35m in compensation, which exceeds 50% of ABEO’s R&D spending since 1996, while losing over $325m of shareholder cash, and yet accomplishing apparently nothing.


Y esto de enero de 2017

ABEO Director Mark Ahn appears to have settled an SEC investigation for his involvement in an illegal stock promotion when he served as the CEO of Galena Pharmaceuticals (GALE).

Before being sued, Ahn allegedly promoted GALE with illegal stock promotion campaigns costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, then dumped millions of dollars of his stock, enriching himself.

This is not surprising to us as ABEO’s board is filled with stock promoters, including Chairman Steven Rouhandeh, who has a long and similar history of promotion and self-enrichment.

Two sell-side "analysts" defending ABEO were involved in numerous China fraud wipeouts while at Rodman & Renshaw.

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del calendario he visto esto:

CT-P6 - Herceptin biosimilar

PDFUA , H1 2018

Entiendo que todavia no han sacado esas news




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