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Too much to listen and too little time

Scott Galloway - How Amazon is Dismantling Retail

Too much to listen and too little time...


My rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)


  • 0:41 – Between 1970 and 2015 the number of malls in the US grew more than twice as fast as the population.


  • 0:50 – There have been more bankruptcies in Retail during 2017 than in all 2016.


  • 1:58 – Amazon’s sales growth since 2010.


  • 2:30 – 52% of American households own an Amazon Prime account.


  • 4:10 – Amazon has changed the relationship between companies and shareholders. It has replaced profits with vision and growth.


  • 5:27 – Amazon is playing a different game.


  • 5:46 – Revenue Vs Net Income.


  • 6:15 – People always mimic the winner and there are some private companies that are mimicking Amazon’s strategy of growth and vision at the cost of profits.


  • 7:05 – Amazon has now more people working for them than facebook, google and apple combined. And Return on (Human) Capital.


  • 8:03 – Amazon is getting into other businesses.


  • 8:45 – When you have almost infinite cheap capital as Amazon does, you can take a none-core business and almost overnight compite with the biggest players in the business.


  • 9:18 – About Amazon Advertising business that has become a big business under the radar.


  • 10:16 – On how amazon is destroying other businesses and their brands?


  • 12:17 – What’s next? Voice


  • 12:41 –The Sun has past midday on the era of Brand.


  • 13:17 – Where Voice is going. Apple will use it for media, Google for search and information, Amazon trough commerce.


  • 14:42 – Amazon can become the first trillion dollar company.


  • 15:07 – How amazon will do this? If you order trough Alexa you will get a better price.


  • 18:40 – Amazon is conspiring to declare war on Brands.


  • 18:52 – What works for Amazon’s algorithm?


  • 19:57 – Algorithms Vs Partnerships.


  • 50:52 – Storytelling is the New Competence in Business.


  • 22:25 – If we look back at how the Margins get crushed in CPG companies (Consumer Packaged Goods) is because they either have to cut costs or someone is going to come and take them over and do it for them.


  • 23:00 – Final Joke.



Listen to it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MOwRTTq1bY



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