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12/12/19 01:58
Ha respondido al tema Novavax (NVAX): Un Nuevo Comienzo
En mi opinión, artículo flojito... hace un resumen de situación, para luego decir que se esperará a verlas venir. In general, 2020 should provide NVAX investors with some decisive or near conclusive events/announcements for NanoFlu and ResVax. If they are positive, NVAX investors should have a reason to hold onto their position as new or returning NVAX investors start to jump on board. Of course, any bad news could trigger another big sell-off, but I believe the risk-reward definitely favors the upside in 2020.What’s My Plan?Although I haven’t committed to a large position in NVAX, I am not willing to click the buy button ahead of the Phase III readout. Despite my optimistic outlook for 2020, I believe the market will not be sold on NVAX until the company has a clear plan to get one of their products commercialized. Therefore, I am going to wait for the company to decide either go-it-alone or find a partner before committing more of my funds to NVAX. However, if the company finds a U.S. partner for NanoFlu, I will wait for a pull-back in the share price, and commit to a long-term investment in NVAX for at least five years.
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12/12/19 01:57
Ha respondido al tema Farmas USA
NVAX Novavax: Investors Prepare For A Decisive 2020
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