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Farmas USA

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    Re: Farmas USA

    Ver mensaje de Swaggarich

    me temo que es harto difícil que ese stock multiplique por 16 , y como poco solo para dejar de ser nanocap ,  suerte con él.

    • Mega-cap: Over $100 billion
    • Large-cap: $20–100 billion
    • Mid-cap: $2–$20 billion
    • Small-cap: $250 million–$2 billion
    • Micro-cap: $50–250 million
    • Nano-cap: Below $50 million

     en este foro lo minimo que intentamos tratar son las small cap pa'rriba.

    salvo un par de excepciones que por aquí a alguno le gusta "disfrutar" como AKAO y MLNT.

  1. Investing_saints

    Re: Farmas USA


    100 cromos a $15.52. Salvo que no baje bastante no creo que aumente. Me ha parecido ver un bloque de compra bastante grande hoy, no sé si estará correcto o será un error de yahoo.


    He iniciado posición con unas pocas a $25.17. La lleva b2k, resultados de su fase 3 a mitad de año, su comentario:

    "The first line drug has about a 40% response rate and there is little help from anything when that fails. I think BPMC will split the market with DCPH since they both do well in different mutations. The big deal will be how they measure up against BPMC in Systemic Mastocytosis. BPMC has breakthrough therapy in that indication with over 80% ORR. It seems clear to me that DCPH is second best in this PDGFRa/KIT kinase. They do have other kinases in the early clinic. I actually give DCPH more revenues in GIST since they cover a broader spectrum of mutations vs BPMC targeting two mutations extremely well."

    Su ficha:

    Starting DCPH at 4.34 stars
    First Recommended: Looking to buy @ $25.00

    They have an interesting pipeline of pathway drugs. Many of them are still early stage, but they have an interesting approach to blocking kinase activation. I think they need to show success in Systemic Mastocytosis or one of the two other programs before I really will start recommending them. Right now they only have success with one drug in one indication.

    Management: 4.33 stars

    • Clinical Development: 4 stars (No Breakthrough Therapies Yet)
    • Manufacturing: N/A
    • Financial Management: 4 stars (Not profitable yet)
    • Commercial Sales: N/A
    • Good Communications: 5 stars

    Science: 5 stars

    Deciphera has a lead drug for PDGFRa/KIT which has a broad efficacy across all mutations of PDGFRa and KIT. They are exploring this in GIST and Symstemic Mastocytosis. They have an early phase 1 drug for TIE2 pathway which is implicated in angiogenesis. They have a third drug in phase 1 for CSF1R which is used in stimulating the producition of macrophages.

    Potential: 5 stars (+311% over 10 years = 31% annual)

    Ripretinib in GIST - $500 million
    Ripretinib in Systemic Mastocytosis - ?

    Total Peak Sales = $500 * 8 P/S = $4 billion Market Cap peak

    Financials: 4 stars (Not Profitable Yet)

    Cash = $321 million
    Cash Burn = $25 million per quarter
    More then 2 years cash

    Risks: 3.4 stars

    -Diversified Pipeline: 5 stars (3 drugs in pipeline)
    -Stage of Development: 3 stars (Phase 3)
    -Commercial: N/A
    -Secondaries: 4 stars (More then 2 years cash)
    -Clinical Failures: 5 stars (No failures yet)

    Total Ranking: 4.346 stars

  2. Zokatira96

    Re: Farmas USA

    Ver mensaje de Investing_saints

    MEIP [NASD]   Market Cap 224.36M



    Financial Highlights

    • As of December 31, 2018, MEI had $93.4 million in cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments, with no outstanding debt



    Our pipeline includes four clinical-stage drug candidates targeting different mechanisms critical to overcoming cancer progression and drug resistance:

    • Pracinostat, an oral HDAC inhibitor;
    • ME-401, an oral PI3K delta inhibitor;
    • Voruciclib, an oral CDK inhibitor; and
    • ME-344, a mitochondrial inhibitor targeting the OXPHOS complex
    • https://www.meipharma.com/our-program


    Obs-Canal ascendente con + 80% en 2019- Creo ver un IHCH, 

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